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Funding Received


Drs. Cindi Morshead, Hani Naguib, Milos Popovic and Suneil Kalia received ~$750,000 over 4 years to design and implement novel multimodal electrodes for electrical stimulation for neural regeneration.


Medicine by Design Convergent Working Group Phase I (2023)

Drs. Cindi Morshead, Milos Popovic, and Hani Naguib received $25,000 from Medicine by Design to integrate disciplines in the regenerative medicine community. They organized a mini-symposium and workshop, which has led to new collaborations and a position paper with a call to action currently under internal revision. The workshop was held in February 2023. This generated a lot of excitement about the field of electrical stimulation and neural repair as well as the potential of future collaborations and events.


Medicine by Design Convergent Working Group Phase II (2023)

Drs. Bojana Stefanovic, Cindi Morshead, Milos Popovic and Xilin Liu, received ~$150,000 to expand their network and engage the electrical stimulation for neural repair community (ESNR), build a toolkit for electrical stimulation studies and advance our understanding of electrical stimulation effects on endogenous stem cell activation in the brain. This group brings together two-photon imaging and electrophysiology, neural stem cells and preclinical transgenic mouse models, electrical stimulation and wireless device design expertise to bring our research initiatives forward in this exciting field.

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