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Relevant Papers on Neural Stem Cells and Electrical Stimulation

Cryogel-based neurostimulation electrodes to activate endogenous neural precursor cells

Chen T, Lau KSK, Hong SH, Shi HH, Iwasa SN, Chen JXM, Li T, Morrison T, Kalia SK, Popovic MR, Morshead CM, Naguib HE. Acta Biomaterialia, S1742-7061(23)00521-4, 2023.

A 0.9 g Battery-Free Wireless Stimulator with Infrared Communication for Applications in Neural Repair and Regeneration

V. Kang, A. A. Malak, K. Lau, Y. Zhu, C. Morshead and X. Liu. 2023 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS), Monterey, CA, USA, 2023, pp. 1-5, doi: 10.1109/ISCAS46773.2023.10181551.

A novel ex vivo assay to define charge-balanced electrical stimulation parameters for neural precursor cell activation in vivo

Lau KSK, Chen T, Iwasa SN, Volpatti M, Popovic MR, Morshead CM. Brain Research, 1804, 148263, 2023.

Alginate and Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)-Based Soft Electrodes toward the Goal of Neuro-Regenerative Applications

Perkucin I, Lau KSK, Chen T, Iwasa SN, Naguib HE, Morshead CM. Advanced Healthcare Materials, 11(23):2201164, 2022.

Novel Electrode Designs for Neurostimulation in Regenerative Medicine : Activation of Stem Cells

Iwasa SN, Shi HH, Hong SH, Chen T, Marquez-Chin M, Iorio-Morin C, et al. Bioelectricity, 2(4):1-15, 2020.

Electric field application in vivo regulates neural precursor cell behaviour in the adult mammalian forebrain

Sefton E, Iwasa SN, Morrison T, Naguib HE, Popovic MR, Morshead CM. ENeuro, 7(4):ENEURO.0273-20, 2020.

Substrate-Dependent Galvanotaxis of Directly Reprogrammed Human Neural Precursor Cells

Ahmed U, Iwasa SN, Poloni L, Ahlfors J-E, Yip C, Popovic MR, Morshead CM. Bioelectricity, 2(3):229-237, 2020.

Charge-Balanced Electrical Stimulation Can Modulate Neural Precursor Cell Migration in the Presence of Endogenous Electric Fields in Mouse Brains

Iwasa SN, Rashidi A, Sefton E, Liu NX, Popovic MR, Morshead CM. ENeuro, 6(6), ENEURO.0382-19, 2019.

Electrical Guidance of Human Stem Cells in the Rat Brain. Stem Cell Reports

Feng JF, Liu J, Zhang L, et al. Stem Cell Reports. 2017;9(1):177-189.

Endogenous electric currents might guide rostral migration of neuroblasts

Cao L, Wei D, Reid B, Zhao S, Pu J, Pan T, Yamoah E, Zhao M. EMBO Rep. 2013 Feb;14(2):184-90.





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