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Team Commercialization


Yesmil Pena ↗


Quality Assurance Manager, MyndTec Inc


Yesmil has ~20 years of experience in quality systems design and management and regulatory affairs in diagnostics, active and therapeutic medical devices, including successful 510k clearances, Canadian licenses, CE marking, global registrations, and consulting for low to high risk devices. In her roles, Yesmil has closely collaborated with development, clinical and marketing teams towards high quality and safe product launch to market. Previously, Yesmil’s roles included Quality Systems Lead at Perimeter (2018), Manager of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs at Meditech International (2016-2018). Her In Vitro Diagnostics device experience was gained while progressively serving in managerial to director level roles at Spectral Diagnostics, Inc., with Cardiac STATus markers and the Endotoxin Activity Assay for Sepsis from 2003-2006 and 2008 to 2014; also, at Nanogen, Inc., a former US-based company - acquirer of Spectral’s Cardiac line, from 2006 to 2008.


Milos Popovic 

PhD, PEng

Director and Scientist, The KITE Research Institute, University Health Network

Milos R. Popovic is the Director of KITE, the research arm of the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute - University Health Network. He is also a Professor (Tenured) in the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Toronto. Dr. Popovic is the co-founder and director of (i) MyndTec; (ii) the Centre for Advancing Neurotechnological Innovation to Application (CRANIA) at the University Health Network and the University of Toronto; (iii) the CRANIA Neuromodulation Institute at the University of Toronto; and (iv) the Canadian Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Association. He is also the founder of FabrIc-Based REsearch (FIBRE) Platform and the Rehabilitation Engineering Laboratory, both located at the KITE Research Institute, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute - University Health Network. Dr. Popovic held the Toronto Rehab Chair in Spinal Cord Injury Research appointment from 2007 until 2017.


Donna Shukaris 


Sr. Commercialization Manager, Innovations and Partnerships Office at the University of Toronto


Ms. Donna Shukaris, P.Eng, is a Sr. Commercialization Manager, Innovations and Partnerships Office at the University of Toronto. She has been responsible for institutional company startups and licensing technologies in the fields of machine learning, digital processing, data and computational mining, cryptology, e-learning, diagnostics, medical treatment, e-health, and rehabilitation. She possesses extensive and diverse experience in all areas of innovation, intellectual property protection, product development, government and private funding, licensing, and structuring new ventures. She continues to work with leading edge inventors preparing the right business opportunities, path to commercialization, and partnerships.

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